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Red Sox announce their Players Weekend nicknames

Some new names to learn this year

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

After debuting the idea last season, MLB is coming back with another Players Weekend later this month. For those unfamiliar, this is a fun new tradition from the league when they wear funky new uniforms (they’re not really that funky but whatever) and instead of last names players are given an option of putting a nickname on the back. Some are super boring and just stick with their last name for reasons unbeknownst to me, but most of the players participate. The official festivities will be August 24-26, when the Red Sox head down to Tampa for a three-game series against the Rays. Here is a full list of the Red Sox players participating and their names, courtesy of NESN.

  • Matt Barnes: Barnacles
  • Andrew Benintendi: Benny
  • Mookie Betts: Mookie
  • Xander Bogaerts: Bogie
  • Jackie Bradley Jr.: JBJ
  • Rafael Devers: Carita
  • Nathan Eovaldi: Evo
  • Heath Hembree: Heater Here
  • Marco Hernandez: Markito
  • Brock Holt: Brockstar
  • Brian Johnson: BJ
  • Joe Kelly: Jimmy B
  • Ian Kinsler: Bootsie
  • Craig Kimbrel: Dirty Craig
  • Sandy León: Noah
  • Austin Maddox: Madd Dawg
  • J.D. Martinez: Flaco
  • Mitch Moreland: 2-Bags
  • Eduardo Núñez: Nunie
  • Steve Pearce: Late Lightning
  • Dustin Pedroia: Pedey
  • Drew Pomeranz: Big Smooth
  • Rick Porcello: Ventidos
  • David Price: Slim Dunkin
  • Eduardo Rodriguez: El Gualo
  • Chris Sale: The Conductor
  • Carson Smith: Smitty
  • Blake Swihart: Swi
  • Tyler Thornburg: Thorn
  • Christian Vazquez: Colo
  • Hector Velazquez: Cabezon
  • Brandon Workman: Work
  • Steven Wright: Knucksie

So, yeah, that’s a big list. I have a few thoughts, but mostly just wanted to share the names. For one thing, way too many players are just shortening their names. Swi? Thorn? Work? You can do better than that, you guys. The big change from last year is with Chris Sale. The Red Sox ace went with Stickman in 2017, but apparently didn’t like that so much. According to Sale, Pedroia picked this one out for him, and according to the second baseman it’s because Sale “punches tickets.” Sure, why not. Martinez choosing Flaco, which means skinny, is something I don’t really understand but I’m sure there’s some reason for it. Hembree picking “Heater Here” is....something, and I know what you’re all going to say about Johnson’s. Get your head out of the damn gutter.

Anyway, the best is still Dirty Craig and it will always be the best. Dirty Craig 4ever.