Trade Season--Do we even HAVE flaws?

It's hard for me to look at this trade deadline with an open mind. We're in first, winning games at an historic pace, and have an odds-on Cy Young candidate and a potential MVP candidate on our roster. Life is very, VERY good for Red Sox fans.

No seriously, try really hard to imagine what it is like to be a Mets fan right now. Yeah, life is DAMN good.

That being said there are so many super teams in the AL (The Astros and Yankees along with our Sox, in case you've been living under a rock. Also, don't sleep on Cleveland.) that there is literally no margin for error come October. Now is the time to hedge our bets and make sure at the very least we avoid the wild card game.To do this the Red Sox need to address two issues:

1. Reliable late-inning relief

2. Second base

Now, I will start my analysis with a key point in my mind. These are WANTS and they are certainly not NEEDS. My first choice this trade season is to do NOTHING else. The Red Sox bullpen has been better than it seems, even though lately that's not been the case. If Dombrowski doesn't do anything at all, just the addition of Brian Johnson and others already on the roster to the bullpen in October will make the bullpen much better. Joe Kelly might figure it out, Brasier has looked good, Feltman may run everyone down to get to the majors, and so on. If there is a move, I can only hope it's for a cheap rental arm and for someone with late-innings experience. I will provide names later.

The second part of my wish list is harder. 2nd base has been Pedroia-land for what seems like my entire life. It seems odd to have a season essentially without him. Holt has been solid enough, Nunez has been meh, and Lin is a AAA player who shows the occasional flash. A reliable second baseman would provide some insurance for a lineup that has been lacking on the back end at times.


Blegh, I hate this part. I don't know how to value players, nor do I claim to. I don't like trading prospects for rentals. But this is how business is done I suppose.

Craig Stammen, Padres--No idea what it would take to get him, but I like his contract situation better than others (team control through 2019) and there is familiarity with San Diego (despite some questionable dealings in the past).

Jed Lowrie OR Brian Dozier, A's and Twins respectively--The price tags here will likely be fairly high as both guys are solid second basemen. I'd prefer Lowrie, as he's having the better season and has some Boston pedigree. He also wears a helmet with both ear flaps, which makes him more lovable.But will the Athletics buy or sell?

Outside of these players, I have no preference--just that we don't trade away everything in our system (not much) for a reliever who can't pitch this season. Yes, I am still bitter. Let's go sawks!