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FanPost Friday: All-Time Red Sox Roster

Who is your all-time roster?

MLB: All Star Game
Mookie may be an all-star, but is he on your all-time Red Sox list?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Real baseball returns today, and that’s great. As fun as the All-Star festivities are for some people (personally, I don’t like it, and usually dread my team’s players playing in a meaningless game), nothing beats games that count.

But since almost no real baseball has been played recently, we don’t have as much to talk about. The trade deadline is still a bit away, so instead of talking about the trades that are on everyone’s mind (watch the Sox make their trades before next Friday and make me look like a fool), let’s just have fun with a simple topic:

What would your All-Time Red Sox roster look like?

Simple, right? You can just say your starting 9 (10 if you list a pitcher, obviously), or you can go so far as to make a 25-man roster. Be as in-depth or as vague about your roster as you like, though I do like to read reasonings and rationales for less obvious selections. Anybody can say Cy Young deserves a spot on the all-time 25, but don’t be afraid to be brave, buck tradition, and make an argument that instead perhaps Jon Lester deserves that nod (I think a case can be made, given the difference in eras).

Have fun with it, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday!