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Red Sox trade Lorenzo Cedrola to the Reds for international bonus pool space

The Red Sox are looking to make a push on the international market

Lorenzo Cedrola
Kelly O’Connor;

The Red Sox made a trade on Monday, but it wasn’t the type most will be excited about. That, of course, is not to say that it isn’t one that can’t help the organization. They didn’t get help for the major-league roster, but they traded a mid-level prospect in exchange for a little extra money on the international amateur free agent market. Boston will be sending outfield prospect Lorenzo Cedrola to the Reds in exchange for bonus pool space.

This is the second consecutive year in which these two teams have made a deal with the Red Sox receiving international bonus pool space. Last season, Boston sent Nick Longhi to Cincinnati in a similar move. As for this deal, it is unclear as far as I can tell how much money the Red Sox will actually be getting in this deal. The only note I can make on that front is that pool space that is traded has to be in increments of $250,000. The Red Sox are always aggressive on the international market — when rules allow them to be, at least — so them making a move like this for extra cash makes sense given the hard cap placed on the market under the new CBA.

That being said, they certainly didn’t give up nothing in this deal and Cedrola has always been someone I’ve been intrigued by. The outfielder is likely not a future star or anything like that, but he provides value with both his legs and his glove in center field. That gives him a relatively high floor and the amount he has to hit to provide some value goes down. There’s not a lot of power in his game, but the 20-year-old has shown a solid ability to make contact. He’s spent this season in Greenville, and in 229 plate appearances he is hitting .318/.350/.427. This is his second go around Low-A, and I’ve been curious all year why they are not more aggressive with him. It seems they aren’t as high on him as I am. Still, all in all this is a solid deal and it allows the Red Sox to target good international players, which is something with which they’ve had success in the past.