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Home Run Derby Open Thread

Come hang out for some dingers

T-Mobile Home Run Derby Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Tonight is the Home Run Derby, and even that some (including Mookie Betts) think should be abolished. It isn’t quite as exciting as it once was and many stars now elect not to participate, but it’s still fun dammit. I’m going to be watching, and you should too! We’ll be hanging out here all night to watch the dingers if you’re into that sort of thing.

For the fourth year in a row, the Derby will follow a bracket format. Every hitter will get four minutes per round, and they get a time bonus for every homer that travels more than 440 feet. Additionally, each hitter gets a 45-second timeout per round. The bracket is as follows.

Photo via MLB

I’m going with Javier Baez over Rhys Hoskins. Who you got?