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Daily Red Sox Links: Manny Machado, Dustin Pedroia, J.D. Martinez

This morning is all about the Red Sox’s trade interest in Manny Machado. Plus Dustin Pedroia’s continued rehab, J.D. Martinez and Manny Ramirez comparisons as well as Cy Young Rick Porcello.

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MLB: New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Manny Machado is on the radar for the Red Sox as the trade deadline nears. (Peter Schmuck; Baltimore Sun)

*Game show host voice* Let’s. Grade. That. Trade. Rumor! (Whitney McIntosh; SB Nation)

Dustin Pedroia is going to Arizona for some more rehabilitation. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)

So what are the Red Sox going to due about second base? (Nick Cafardo; Boston Globe)

Remember Manny Ramirez? Of course you do. J.D. Martinez is having a very similar start to his Red Sox career as Ramirez did. (Hayden Bird;

Cy Young Rick Porcello is back. (Matthew Kory; The Athletic) ($$)

Brock Holt. Professional campaign manager. (Chris Cotillo; MassLive)