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Red Sox 4, White Sox 2: A garden-variety win against a crappy team, in limerick

I don’t do the recaps often, but when I do, I make them silly.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Boston Red Sox
He good.
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The game began just past four

With David Price taking the floor

By floor I mean mound

Just a metaphorical floor

And yes, I know this should rhyme

I promise to do better this time

Tim Anderson led off with a dime

... of a single!

And then he did mingle

With Sam Travis at first (here’s the rhyme)

Price walked the very next guy

To face Jose Abreu, who’s fly

He doubled home one

This is quickly no fun

And not even one out has gone by

Matt Davidson looked at strike three

We got an out! Yippee!

Kevan Smith knocked in one more

On a groundout to 4

And Price kept it 2-0 with out 3

Top one, Beni walks, X reaches on error

J.D. Martinez... also reaches on an error

Words rhyme each other you know

And home Beni did go

To make it 2-1, that’s no error

I thought there’d be nothing go to say

About the second, but, oh my, JBJ!

He hit the ball hard

It left the yard

And it was 2-2 on the day

We’ll skip right through the third

Because nothing of note occurred

In top 4 Price got’em

Which brought us to the bottom

About which, a brief word:

With runners on the corners, no out

Blake Swihart struck out

JBJ did too

Which was real poo

And then Benintendi also struck out

BUT! In bottom five

The big bat came alive

Bogaerts walked

And J.D. uncocked

His league-leading 21st tater, with chives*

(*just go with it)

Now it it’s top six, 4-2

Could Old Man Price see it through?

WIth two outs, first and third

Vs. Moncada (of whom you’ve heard)

Price got the K; Yoan, boo-hoo!

To the bullpen went those Pale Hose

But you know how Blake-Jackie-Beni goes

Strikeout, strikeout, K

That’s the very much the way

They rolled today, and it blows

Top seven put Joe Kelly on the hill

On his 30th birthday: The thrill!

Kelly wore the crown

Three up, three down

Ugh. Does this bit suck yet? It will

Bottom seven went by in a blink

Which brought Matt Barnes to the rink

By rink I meant mound

Yes I’m doing this again

But he survived a tough eighth, ya dink

Wow! It’s already bottom eight!

(How’d the Sox do there? Not great!)

Travis went down and Devers did too

Vazquez singled, because it’s what he do

But Holt K’d swinging, and now it was late

Craig Kimbrel came on for the save

If he doesn’t get it, I’m gonna rave

But he got it alright

And we called it a night

With a 4-2 Sox win, let’s pave*

(* the road to the World Series title, maybe? Let’s just say that and be done with it. There aren’t a ton of “ave” rhymes. It’s kinda surprising, but it doesn’t come up until you do something like this, or this specifically.)