FanPost Friday: Hey Looie, throw me the ball!

A summer morning in the 1970s, with two of my friends, I took the T to Kenmore Square, and we sat down on the sidewalk to wait, first in line for that day's bleacher seats. When the park opened, we each handed over our dollar bill and sprinted toward our favorite seats: front row in left center field next to the wall. One advantage of these seats was the TV cameraman just in front of us, who got slow-motion replays fed back to his camera. This was before the days of on-scoreboard replays. My friend Daniel was the least shy of us and had brought a glove, During on-field warm-ups, he spotted Luis Tiant in front of us and shouted, "Hey Looie, throw me the ball! " El Tiante did just that. The Sox won the game by batting around in a big inning. Butch Hobson homered and Rick Miller had 4 base hits.