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FanPost Friday : Mid-season Check-in and Predictions

With half the season gone, we have a solid idea of what this team is, yet, there’s still half a season of games to be played. What’s your read?

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Boston Red Sox
You get no bonus points for predicting that J.D. Martinez is going to continue being excellent.
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

It’s the middle of the season and half the games are gone. In just a couple days, June too, will be gone, half the calendar year. With half of the season in the past, that only leaves half of the season in the future.

Mid-season is the first time of the year where I feel this pang of sadness, where I realize that baseball season is beginning its exit strategy. For many teams, this season is already over, and little can be gained. For those fortunate enough to be in the playoff picture, this is where things start heating up. Contenders will add pieces to their roster, in the hopes of pushing through to the playoffs. Rebuilders will start to intentionally tank, in the hopes of landing a better draft selection. Teams that don’t know which they are (Angels, perhaps) will do neither thing, and just waste a season in mediocrity.

This Friday, I ask you:

How do you feel about our team at mid-season? Do you think there are glaring issues with management, the pitching, or hitting? Is there an obvious upgrade we’ve yet to act on? What makes this team better? Where does this team finish, and what do you expect out of the second half?

You do not have to limit your predictions to the Red Sox, but I would prefer you avoid a league overview for the other aspects of this post, just for time purposes. What do you think lies ahead as we kick off the second half of the season?