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Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez continue to dominate All-Star voting

And somehow Dustin Pedroia made it into the top five.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Boston Red Sox Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday we got the latest update in the voting for the rapidly approaching All-Star Game. The game will be played on July 17, but we only have about a week more of voting. Polls close at 11:59 PM ET on July 5. Anyway, not too much has changed since last week’s update, though there are a couple of differences. You can see the update in its entirety here.

We’ll start with what’s the change and which Red Sox position players are projected to start. Mookie Betts continues to lead the way for the American League outfield voting. He showed on Tuesday night why that is the case and he is arguably atop early AL MVP voting. As of this update, Betts has received 2.34 million votes, trailing only Jose Altuve in terms of overall votes. Down at designated hitter, J.D. Martinez is lapping the field. The Red Sox slugger has received 1.68 million votes, 937,000 more votes than the second-place Giancarlo Stanton. Unless something absolutely absurd happens, both of these players will get the starting nod.

These are likely going to be the only two starters, but there are a couple of other Red Sox players mentioned in the voting. Andrew Benintendi is having a huge season, and while it doesn’t appear likely that anyone will infiltrate the Betts/Mike Trout/Aaron Judge trio in the AL outfield, Benintendi is sixth with 785,000 votes. He has a chance to jump up to fifth over Michael Brantley, but that’s likely his ceiling. Mitch Moreland, meanwhile, has fallen by one spot. He’s spent most of this time in second place behind Jose Abreu, but he’s now also behind Yuli Gurriel at first base. His 645,000 votes are 70,000 behind Gurriel and 355,000 behind Abreu. Also making a surprise appearance is Dustin Pedroia. He emerged as the number five vote-getter at second base for.....reasons. All-Star voting is weird.

You only have nine more days to vote. Go do that by following this link.