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FanPost Friday - Father’s Day Memories

Father’s Day is almost here. Tell us about your favorite memories involving Fathers Day, or your father with respect to baseball.

San Francisco Giants v Boston Red Sox
This Manny Ramirez HR was hit on a Father’s Day in 2007.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Father’s Day is coming. Specifically, it’s this upcoming Sunday, the 17th. The significance of this day isn’t lost on me.

This week, for FanPost Friday, we’re embracing familial roots:

Tell us about your favorite experience with your father in the realm of baseball. Did he take you to a ballpark when you were young, and it inspired a love of baseball? Was it a simple game of catch that you hold most dear? Was it his obsessive fanhood of the Sox that’s compelled your own?

This weekend, we want to hear about the greatest sport in the world, and how your father was involved in your love of the game. We hope to share a few of these on the main page of OverTheMonster over the weekend.