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Daniel Nava’s grand slam debut was 8 years ago

One pitch was all it took.

Boston Red Sox v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It was eight years ago today - June 12, 2010 - that Daniel Nava completed his baseball journey from Independent League player to major leaguer.

On the first pitch of his first plate appearance, Nava hit a home run. Not just any home run: the bases were loaded. Daniel Nava hit a grand slam on the first big league pitch he ever saw.


Nava would go on to appear in 60 games that season and then spend all of 2011 in the minor leagues.

While the outfielder spent much of 2012 in Boston it was 2013 that was his golden year. The Red Sox road a multitude of excellent performances to a World Series victory and Nava was no exception hitting .303/.385/.445 with 12 home runs.

It would be mostly downhill from there as Nava struggled in 2014 and 2015, even being released only to be picked up with the Rays to finish that year. 2016 would see Nava join Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels and, erased from my memory, the Kansas City Royals. Nava would sign with the rebuilding Philadelphia Phillies for the 2017 season and played 80 games while hitting .301/.393/.421.

Coming off his age 34 season he signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates in February was released - and then resigned - by the club in March. After undergoing back surgery, Nava is expected to return to action for the second half and is rehabbing in the minors right now.

Every June 12th we tip our caps to you Daniel Nava. And thanks for 2013.