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Brock Holt activated from the disabled list, Tzu-Wei Lin optioned to Pawtucket

Holt returns \o/

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it appears I’ve missed quite a bit of news today! We just found out that David Price was scratched from his scheduled start on Wednesday, and apparently before that the team made a move with their roster. Somewhat surprisingly, Brock Holt has been activated from the disabled list for Tuesday’s series opener in New York, with Tzu-Wei Lin being optioned back down to Pawtucket. This is a bit surprising given that Holt had one partial rehab appearance.

First of all, Holt’s return is good news for the Red Sox. The utility man caught the ire of the fanbase in the early going, but he was on a roll before going on the disabled list. Over his last nine games played prior to the injury, he was hitting a totally sustainable .471/.471/.735. That, coupled with the extreme struggles on both sides of the ball from Eduardo Núñez, makes his presence back on the roster a positive for the team. Holt won’t be in the lineup against Severino on Tuesday, which was a little surprising, but expect to see him a decent amount moving forward.

The other part of this was Lin being optioned to Triple-A. This wasn’t entirely surprising as he was the only real possible demotion who had options, but Lin is a solid player who will get another chance. The real question will be what happens when Dustin Pedroia comes back, but we still have at least a couple weeks until that bridge needs to be crossed.