FanPost Friday: April Surprises

Good Surprises:

Hanley Ramirez: He is the most pleasant of all the surprises. I know he has cooled off a bit, but Hanley had a great April. He is slashing a respectable line of .297/.366/.432 with a 116 wRC+. If he can keep up this first month, no one could have any reason to complain.

Rafael Devers: I honestly thought Devers would struggle much more than this. He has recently cooled off, but he has shown flashes of greatness on the offensive side. I thought he would come out of the gate slumping, but he has actually played fairly well. He still has a long way to go defensively, but he has all the tools to become a great third-baseman in this league. So far, I am surprised he has done so well.

Hector Velazquez: What a great player for this team. Velazquez has been a versatile pitcher, mostly out of a bullpen that has had its share of struggles. But he has been a constant bright spot. 4-0 with an ERA near 2. I know his FIP is high, but what he has actually done has impressed me. I would love for him to stay in the bullpen, but if he keeps getting good results, I wouldn't mind moving him to a starting role.

Division Opponents not being as good as anticipated: The Orioles suck. I expected them to have more than 10 wins out of April. Especially with the players they have. It shows how poor the pitching is. The Rays have been better than expected, but they are still not very good. The Blue Jays are hot and cold, though they could be better now that Donaldson is back. The Yankees main players haven't played to expectations either. Stanton isn't mashing as much as they hoped and Sanchez has not been all that great either. They're also relying on rookies Torres and Andujar to play well, which I don't see lasting the whole season.

Bad Surprises:

Jackie Bradley: While the defense has been good, the offense is awful. I drafted him in fantasy and I'm wishing I didn't. He is batting under .200 and is the weakest link offensively.

David Price: After a great start, the struggling has set in. The ace formerly known as David Price is no longer here. He is poor with the media and hasn't pitched like a former ace. His stuff also seems to be worse. The aging process hasn't gone well for him.

Blake Swihart: 3 hits all season... Yes, he is limited with his ABs, but after Spring Training I had thought we had seen the real Blake Swihart. The one that was the highly touted prospect.

Benintendi (to an extent): Great against righties, I could do better against lefties. This is an issue and a surprising one at that.

There are two players that could be in for a big downfall, and it is simply because you cannot do better than what these guys have done. Rick Porcello is eventually going to hit a point where he may struggle. All pitchers go through a point where they struggle. He showed last year that when things are great he can be a Cy Young candidate. But when things go bad, they can really snowball. I hope he proves me wrong though. The other player being Xander Bogaerts. You can't really do any better than what he had done before the injury. He still has been playing great though. But, I think he will eventually slow down his production. I don't expect it to be a long slump, but he will eventually run into a slump.

There is one main player that will continue to play well, and that is Mookie Betts. I think Betts is in a hot streak that cannot be stopped. While I was skeptical of him hitting leadoff, he seems to be extremely comfortable there. He really turned around from Spring Training. I am ecstatic that he is back to being Mookie again and I do not see an end in sight, at least for a little while.

What do you all think? Comment below the most surprising player (good or bad) and vote in the poll. Thanks for reading!