The Not-So-Surprising List of Surprises: 2018 Red Sox April Edition

One month into the year the Red Sox are playing well. Some recent losses and a hot streak by the Yankees have left Boston just one game ahead in the division, but it is FAR too early to be worrying about the standings. There have been a couple of surprises so far, but I must admit one of the biggest surprises to me has been that…well…not much of what has happened HAS been surprising. Things have gone fairly as I expected for this team so far, which I think is very interesting just because of how well certain players have played and how poorly others have been playing.


The catchers have hit poorly. Mookie is a beast. The starters have been solid, but inconsistent. Hanley has rebounded. Mitch Moreland is paying dividends. Devers leads the team in errors. JD Martinez is earning his pay. JBJ is a defensive wizard, but can’t hit lefties. Blake Swihart has been wasting away on the bench. The bullpen has been good, but not great.


Alex Cora looks like a veteran manager. Hanley Ramirez is ACTUALLY stealing bases. Benintendi has taken a *small* step backward. Chris Sale has looked….human. Rick Porcello has returned to ace form, for now. Mookie Betts had ANOTHER 3 home run game. Carson Smith looks very shaky. EDIT: BLAKE SWIHART MADE AN APPEARANCE AT CATCHER!

It’s been a fun ride so far, and like I said above I haven’t really been surprised by much this season. This team is a lot of fun to watch (most nights) and they never seem to be out of a game. The biggest surprise to me has been Andrew Benintendi, but I really feel like he’s going to make some adjustments over the coming months and can still end up with a very solid season. I suppose my expectations of 400 home runs, 850 RBIs, and an .885 average for him were a little high to begin with, but I wouldn’t count them out just yet. There's a lot of baseball still to be played.