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FanPost Friday - Player You Were Most Wrong About

Woops. We made an oopsie.

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
I’ve been very open about how very very wrong I was about Mookie Betts. It’s your turn. Who are you, or were you wrong about?
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Baseball is a funny game. Sometimes, players perform exactly as you’d expect. For example, I think most of us expected JD Martinez to come in here, hit a million dingers, and eventually leave us when he can opt out after the 2019 season. But more interestingly, and more frequent, are the players that seem to defy our expectations time and time again.

For me, that player is Mookie Betts. I wasn’t super low on him, looking to trade him at every chance or anything, but I definitely thought he was a helium prospect back in 2013. The power seemingly came out of nowhere, he was stealing bases like they were candy from a baby, and he’d tabulated more walks than strikeouts getting to the mid-level of the minors (A/A+).

In 2014, by trade season, a lot of these suspicions were only fueled further when he continued to do things that defied explanation. Since I didn’t have an explanation for it, he must have been a helium prospect that would lose value in a hurry.

Clearly, this goes down as my biggest gaffe, and probably always will, because Mookie Betts is on pace for the best season in Red Sox history, and has a legitimate chance to be one of the top 10 players in the entirety of our storied history if he keeps this up.

So fess up, it’s your turn.

What player(s) are/were you wrong about? This can be for good or bad. Thought Sandoval was gonna mash here? Expected a Mookie or two to bust and be a AAAA player? Any and all confessions of Red Sox players can go here!

I hope to see a variety of responses. Because I am moving this Sunday, the Flyby will likely be pushed to Wednesday, so you’ll have an extra day to consider your choice! See you all then!