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FanPost Friday - Bullpen Battle Royale

Depending on who you ask, the bullpen is either great, acceptable, mediocre, or outright garbage. What say you?

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees
Craig Kimbrel is great. He’s not going anywhere just yet.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Fro this Fanpost Friday we ask you, the humble denizens of Over the Monster, about the most precious of overvalued (or undervalued, depending on who you ask) resources: Relievers.

The current bullpen is a bit overworked of late, although David Price’s complete game yesterday certainly helped skew things in the other direction. One of the more sneakily dominant arms in the pen went down with an injury in the past week, and it might be a season-ender. There are two long relievers in the bullpen that no one seems to trust, and opinions vary on Heath Hembree to boot. And don’t get me started on Matt Barnes.

Essentially, the only constants with the bullpen right now are the following:

  • Joe Kelly is “awesome” for reasons unrelated to how well he pitches a baseball (citation needed).
  • Craig Kimbrel is the only arm most of us completely trust.

Luckily, we love opinions. All of them, even the not-so-great ones. So give us yours!

What do you think of the status of the bullpen? Should the Red Sox make a move to acquire a new arm? If so, how? Is there an arm in the minor leagues worth giving a shot now? If so, why? Do you think the bullpen needs to be utilized by Alex Cora better?

Tell us all of your opinions on any (or all) of the topics above, in a FanPost!