FanPost Friday: Here are your Options JBJ

Dear Jackie,

We just wanted to inform you of your options going forward with the Boston Red Sox organization. As you know, you have not performed well enough to be a consistent player in the starting lineup. While your defense and baserunning skills have been great, the offensive production has gotten to a point where we feel we have to do what is in the organizations best interest. Going into the season, we had thought the Red Sox would win a chunk of their games solely based on the Killer B's. Obviously, Betts and Benintendi have been doing a good job, but you have not held up your part, in the three-man group. As of now, we have decided to explore some options that would be of mutual benefit to your future and the Boston Red Sox.

Your contract is very great because it gives flexibility on both sides. As you know, your contract is a 1 Year, $6.1 Million deal, and you become a free agent in 2021. Here are the options that we have planned for you and the organization going forward.

1. Trade in a package deal with Vazquez:

This may be extreme, but you are not the only player that we see is having trouble. Thus, we would be wanting to trade you and Christian Vazquez. We are on the lookout for a good destination for you both and feel that the Miami Marlins would be our only trade option. If we can get J.T. Realmuto, we would be willing to do this trade. You and Vasquez could be a good pieces for a team like the Marlins and would benefit our organization as well.

2. Bench and keep for situational baseball:

Essentially, pinch running and defensive replacements. That part of your game seems to always be a plus. We still enjoy the other aspects you bring to this team, and we would still love to have you on the team. Right now though, J.D. Martinez can field decently so we are not opposed to having him play LF. This is especially true with Moreland and Hanley being as hot as they are right now. We need offensive firepower in a division that slugs with the best of them.


If you refuse to be benched, we could always go the Matt Harvey way. I think you could draw some interest as we have seen you still have some offensive ability. If no one wants you, we then just send you to the minors. We will not release you unless you request it. But we are wanting to get our younger players more involved if you refuse to be a bench player.


Dave Dombrowski

I personally think JBJ's time in Boston is about to end soon. He has potential and has some years of control that teams cherish. Fangraphs has his projected stats obviously higher than what he is doing now. However, they project that he is more of a bench type player with a 91 wRC+ and a 1.5 WAR. He currently does not fit in this Boston lineup and I think it would be best for us to move on.