JBJ and Why He Should Stay... on the Bench

Jackie Bradley Jr. has been abysmal so far in 2018. It's not a secret. But we've seen Bradley perform well in the past. Hell, he even was an All-Star in 2016! Some are calling for Bradley to be traded, but I don't think it's time to give up on him.

Batting has never been Bradley’s strongest area, but this year has been downright bad. He’s hitting a .173/.264/.264 line in 110 at bats. Normally, most of praise has been toward his wizard-like skills in center field. Yet JBJ hasn’t even been a good defensive player in 2018. He has -1 Defensive Runs Saved and a dWAR (like bWAR but only on defense) of 0.1. This is incredibly surprising because Bradley hasn’t struggled this much in the outfield since his rookie year in 2013, when he had a -2 DRS and a dWAR of -0.3. That season, he had 95 at bats, so it makes for a good comparison to this season so far. Even more concerning, his offense now in worse than it was in 2013, when Bradley hit .189/.280/.337.

My solution is simple: bench him. At the moment, Bradley has little value as a player. But the Sox should keep him around because he's so streaky. JBJ can go from ice cold to white hot just like that, so I think that Bradley should stick around, at least for now.