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FanPost Friday - Jackie Bradley Jr. and the Optimal Lineup

What do the Red Sox do with Jackie Bradley Jr.?

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox
It’s not often we see this, because we rarely see JBJ on base anymore.
Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Last Friday, I asked who you thought was surprising, for better or worse. This week, we’re narrowing the focus.

The prompt for this week’s FanPost Friday is fairly simple:

What do the Red Sox do with Jackie Bradley Jr.? Is there a better option in-system? Do you see an available trade target or free agent that makes sense? Do you just go ahead with J.D. Martinez in left field, and explore further depth options? If you let go of JBJ, who do you add to the roster in his place? Alternatively, do you think his poor play will rebound, and we just need to exercise more patience?

Jackie Bradley Jr. has been in the major leagues since 2013, and is currently slated to hit free agency following the 2020 campaign. He is making $6.1 million dollars in 2018, and turned 28 last month. All other information and research, I leave up to you.

See you on Tuesday!