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Xander Bogaerts to be placed on the 10-day disabled list

Not surprising, but it could be worse.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we’ve been waiting all day for an update on the Xander Bogaerts ankle situation, and we finally got one right before 5:00 PM ET. The ultimate hope was that the injury wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked and that it would cause him to simply miss a day or two before he was able to come back. That always seemed like wishful thinking, however, and obviously he and the team need to do what’s best for the long-haul, not what’s best for the upcoming Yankees series. That means he’ll be hitting the 10-day disabled list with a crack in his talus bone.

The good news is that it doesn’t appear to be anything majorly serious, and he should miss a minimum amount of time. Right now, the team is estimating that he’ll be on the shelf for 10-14 days. All things considered, that is an absence this team can deal with, even if it’s far from ideal. In the meantime, you can expect Tzu-Wei Lin to be called up to the majors at some point before Tuesday’s game against New York. Nothing has been announced yet, but he is unsurprisingly not in Pawtucket’s lineup tonight. We discussed all of the possible ripple effects of this injury earlier today, and you can read that here.

Update: Apparently while I was writing this they did officially promote Lin from Pawtucket. So there’s that.