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FanPost Friday - Minor League Expectations

I’m sure we all have an opinion on something regarding the farm system.

Bobby Poyner wasn’t on too many people’s radars until late last season. If he wasn’t on your radar yet, he’s about to be, after a few huge outings to start his 2018 campaign. Is there anyone in the minors who can make a similar jump?

It’s Friday, so it’s that time of week again!

Here’s a link to last week’s prompt, in case you missed it, or are new to FanPost Fridays (explanation included).

Last week, we asked you how you felt about the major league club’s chances of getting to October, and potentially winning there, so it feels like a natural segue to ask this next question:

What are your predictions regarding the minor-league affiliates of the Red Sox, and their respective players? Do you watch a lot of minor league baseball in general, or are you just a box score skimmer? Is there a Sox prospect you think we should sell high on? Is there a Sox prospect you think is about to explode and become the next big thing? Anything related to the minors should be discussed!

This is a fairly open-ended prompt, to allow you to write about what you want to write about, provided it’s about the minor leagues (and the Red Sox in general). We can even expand it to talk about prospects around the game you are excited about, as an afterthought, but the priority should be discussing the Pawtucket Red Sox, Portland Sea Dogs, and the lower level affiliates below them.

There are no extreme guidelines for this prompt. Anything you want to talk about, I’ll talk about with you. Let’s have a fun FPF!