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The Red Seat: Episode 73-Special Guest Matt Kory of The Athletic

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox are now on a massive three-game losing streak! All that was beautiful has crashed down to earth in a fiery inferno! Just kidding, this team is still 17-5, just relax. No one thought the Red Sox were going to win 130 games and if you did, well, you haven’t been watching baseball for very long. This remains a really good club. This week Bryan and I are lucky enough to be joined by an old member of the podcast, Matt Kory, who is now writing for The Athletic Boston. Matt is doing big things over there working with some excellent writers and he comes on the show to help us decide what elements of this hot start are sustainable moving forward. Matt, Bryan, and I also engage in a spirited debate over the catcher position and my folk hero, Blake Swihart. It gets heated so get your popcorn ready.

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