What we've learned - this team's fun. Time to plan for the future

First things - I'm writing this because I like the fanpost Friday feature and would like to support it. I still consider myself a newbie to baseball and mainly keep in touch with it through Over the Monster so please be patient and I'll try to learn.

Now to the point. I love this team. As much as the beards of 2013 and they're why I follow baseball. This team will be fun to watch all year so I'm not going to go into it much at all. But I want to watch the core of this team be as good next year and the year after (and after and after) so I'm going to look ahead at what will be needed to keep it rolling.

1. Keep Mookie and Sale! They give the rest of the team such confidence and the fans such entertainment they're the cornerstones to build around.

2. Keep Xander Bogaerts. He looks the real deal and shortstop is thin behind him. You're not getting a decent replacement cheaper.

3. Scout 2nd base options. Pedroia is one of my favourite players but I think he's going to enter a phase of diminishing contribution starting immediately simply due to his intensity. There are no comfortable replacements so time to look around.

4. Hope for some surpriseson the farm. The big team looking so good emphasises how middling the prospect situation is. I'm hoping for some surprise breakouts in the next year or two that can add some excitement back in