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The Red Seat: Episode 72-Everything Is Awesome

Things are pretty okay for the Red Sox right now.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

On a podcast like this one you typically break down the daily happenings of the team and diagnose any issues the team might be having. Well, our job is getting really hard because the now 15-2 Boston Red Sox have no issues! This team is, simply put, incredible. We haven’t ever seen a start like this in Red Sox history and for a historically pessimistic fan base this is giving us a whole new set of feels that we are unfamiliar with. You may be asking yourself is this the greatest team of all time? Yes. Is Mookie Betts clearly better than Mike Trout? Yes. Will the Red Sox finish the year 160-2? Yes, obviously. Embrace the new emotions people, I have a feeling this strange and beautiful season is only going to keep getting stranger and more beautiful.

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