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Daily Red Sox Links: Odd but true facts from the first two weeks

Let’s have some fun with small sample sizes. Plus David Price might be OK, Andrew Benintendi gets a day off and J.D. Martinez’s grand slam.

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MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not exactly sure when enough of the season has been played to stop shouting small sample size very time you mention a statistic anomaly. I’m not sure anyone really does. It depends on the metric you are examining and a number of other factors. But while we can still have some fun with small sample size statistics, I thought I’d present some of the more interesting ones for the Boston Red Sox without comment. Note: These stats do not include last night’s contest with the Yankees. That’s what I get for prewriting this.

Hanley Ramirez leads the team with three stolen bases. He has not been caught once and is trailed by Mookie Betts (two), who is the only other player with more than one.

Andrew Benintendi has walked 11 times in 45 plate appearances. Nobody else has more than six. Brock Holt has walked four times in 14 plate appearances, which is more than Ramirez, Eduardo Nunez, Jackie Bradley Jr. and J.D. Martinez.

Heath Hembree has been worth more wins above replacement (0.3) than Ramirez (0.2) by Baseball-Reference’s reckoning, although that’s likely not going to continue.

Rick Porcello has a lower FIP (1.50) than Chris Sale (1.59) although Sale has a lower xFIP (2.16 compared to 3.19). Porcello has also been worth more WAR than David Price (0.6 compared to 0.5) by FanGraphs. Porcello also has one walk in 12 23 innings. Craig Kimbrel, Carson Smith, Matt Barnes and Joe Kelly all have four despite each throwing five or fewer innings.

Mookie Betts has a higher wRC+ (255) than Ramirez (148) and Martinez (87) combined.

Entering the season, Martinez had 13 triples in 3,118 plate appearances, which means he hit one 0.4 percent of the time. He has one in 40 this season, which equates to a 2.5 percent rate.

Rafael Devers has a defensive rating of 1.5 above average base on FanGraphs calculations. That’s higher than the rest of the roster combined. In second place? J.D. Martinez (0.3). Devers and Martinez are also tied for the team lead in defensive runs saved (two).

So what have we learned? Ramirez is going to steal 30 bases. Holt has a better eye than Martinez. Hembree is more important to the team than Ramirez. Porcello is the best pitcher on the team. Betts is the best position player. Martinez is really a quick glove guy.

One of those things is true (Betts is the best position player). The rest is just fun for the statistically inclined. And aren’t we all here to have fun?

We’ll find out more about David Price’s ailment when he throws today, but all signs point to yesterday just being a blip. (Christopher Smith; MassLive)

Despite seeming to turn a corner offensively, Benintendi was not in the lineup last night. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)

It looks like the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is back. Full stop. (Bob Nightengale; USA Today)

Joe Kelly maintains that he was just trying to throw a pitch inside. (Mark Chiarelli; MassLive)

Both the Red Sox and Yankees have new managers that are more than aware of what’s expected of them. (Nick Cafardo; Boston Globe)

Lost in the brawls (and the loss) is the fact that J.D. Martinez went yard and in grand style. (Christopher Smith; MassLive)