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Game 3 Gamethread: Red Sox vs. Rays

The Red Sox are giving us some 2017 flashbacks very early in this season, with great pitching performances being backed up by some poor offense. In the end, 2017 went okay (at least in the regular season) but I'm going to take a controversial stand here and say it would be cool to see the offense and the pitching click at the same time. Please do not @ me at this time. Of course, being only two (2) games into the season, it's really not worth getting too worried about it. Unless you want to, then go for it. I'm not your dad.

Anyway, the Red Sox have Rick Porcello on the mound in what is going to be a fascinating season for the 2016 Cy Young winner, and the Rays are countering with their bullpen, because what are the Rays without doing something insane. Oh, and Rafael Devers is getting the day off with Eduardo Nuñez at the hot corner and Brock Holt at second base. Oh, and J.D. Martinez will play a little defense with Jackie Bradley Jr. out, Andrew Benintendi in center, Hanley Ramirez DHing and Mitch Moreland at first. Oh, and Sandy Leon is catching with Christian Vazquez getting the day off. Got all that? No? Too bad. Come chat.

Go Sox!