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Daily Red Sox Links: Dewey, Yaz, Nunez, Happ and Opening Day homers

Dwight Evans did something in 1986 that Ian Happ did yesterday. Then, Eduardo Nunez did something a Red Sox hasn’t done since Carl Yastrzemski. Plus the bullpen fails on Opening Day.

Dwight Evans heads to first base Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The 2018 MLB season began yesterday. On the first pitch of the first at-bat of the first game of the campaign, Chicago Cubs utility man and former Cincinnati Bearcat Ian Happ did this.

As Twitter exploded with jokes about Happ being on pace for a billion home runs and the Marlins already being mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, this little nugget came across my timeline.

Here’s video of that dinger.

Evans, also know as Dewey, is an under-appreciated Red Sox. He slashed .272/.370/.480 for his career with an OPS+ of 127. He is sixth in bWAR in franchise history (66.5). He won eight Gold Gloves, two Silver Sluggers and was named an All-Star three times. In that 1986 season which he began with a first pitch home run, Evans slashed .259/.376/.476 with an OPS+ of 131, 26 home runs and 33 doubles. If Happ is able to replicate any more parts of Evans’ career, he’ll have himself a great one.

Later yesterday afternoon, the Red Sox opened their season against the Tampa Bay Rays. While Mookie Betts did not send the first pitch of the game into the seats at Tropicana Field, there was a significant home run via Eduardo Nunez.

Which led me to this little bit of trivia.

Being mentioned in the same sentence as Yaz, a Hall of Famer, MVP and 18-time All-Star, is something to cherish no matter how coincidental it may be. By the way, the 1968 season was the year after Yaz won the Triple Crown and won his MVP award. Is Nunez about to shock the world?

Now to the links from a busy Opening Day.

A bullpen implosion ruined the first game for Alex Cora as manager of the Red Sox. (Scott Lauber; ESPN)

Nunez inside-the-park home run aside, the Red Sox also hurt themselves with some base running blunders. (Jason Mastrodonato; Boston Herald)

In case you wanted more, here are some additional takeaways from the opener. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

But remember that this is just one game. (Christopher Smith; MassLive)

A wonderful thing about baseball is there isn’t a long wait between games, meaning redemption can come quickly. David Price is ready to lead the way tonight. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)