How the Red Sox will Achieve World Domination in 2018

Springtime is upon us yet again. The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and it's finally warming up. All of that, of course, means nothing to me. The only thing I care about is baseball. Real, live baseball that actually counts for something. Things are looking (mostly) good for the Red Sox, as they will trample every other team in Major League Baseball this season. They're gonna be so good, they could take over the world!

The Red Sox

The Red Sox will finish the year with a 95-67 record, but it won't be easy. The Yankees will be on their tail all year, and even surpass them in the standings at time. They'll end up with the first spot in the Wild Card game. The rest of the division will be mediocre at best, mainly to be utilized as punching bags for the Sox and Yanks. J. D. Martinez will live up to expectations, and Boston's offense will finally not be horrendous. The starting pitching, however, is another story. Sale and Price with both be magnificent starters for sure. But everyone else struggles to stay healthy. At least the bullpen will be alright. Although Craig Kimbrel won't be as good as he was last year, he still seems like himself. And, to be fair, it would be really hard for him to replicate last year.

Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, and Eduardo Nunez are a few of the players who will improve greatly, both on offense and defense. Christian Vazquez will be so good some start comparing him to 2016 Sandy Leon. Unfortunately, the starting pitching doesn't have the same kind of luck. Sale and Price will be amazing, and Rick Porcello will be... better. Pomeranz, Wright, and Rodriguez will constantly be battling injury, leaving a bunch of nobodys in the rotation. Which really sucked because I would like to see E-Rod become a middle-of-the-rotation guy. But the bullpen hold up well, anchored by The One and Only, Truly Amazing Craig Kimbrel™. And to top it all off, Alex Cora turns out to be a great manager and #FireCora doesn't exist.

Everyone Else

As previuosly mentioned, the Yankees will be a very real and very scary threat throughout the season. Their lineup will be lethal enough to kill all of the rats in New York City's subways. Although Shohei Ohtani (the pitcher) won't live up to expectations, the Angels will certainly feel his presence at the plate. Combined with Mike Trout, this duo will scare away opposing pitchers, resulting in the Angels winning by forfeit several times. The most surprising team will be the Giants, but not in a good way. Despite acquiring big names like Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen, Madison Bumgarner's injury will take a huge toll on the team.

The Indians will easily take the division title, with the Twins being the only other somewhat-decent team in the division. The Houston Astros and their star-studded team will not only take the AL West crown, but will also be the best team in baseball. But the Angels will still have a chance, getting the second Wild Card spot. Once again, the Nationals will succeed in getting to the postseason, which won't be very hard considering how good of a team they are and how crappy the rest of their division is. The NL Central will be an interesting division to watch, but in the end, the Cubs will find a way to clinch. However, the Brewers will appear in the Wild Card game, barely beating out the Cardinals for the second spot. The Dodgers will have a firm grasp on the West for most of the year, but the Diamondbacks won't be that bad, facing the Brewers in the Wild Card game.

The Postseason

The time has finally come. The Angels and Yankees will face off in the AL Wild Card game, with the Yankees unfortunately emerging victorious. In the National League, the Brewers will beat the Diamondbacks in Phoenix. The Yankees and Astros and Red Sox and Indians will play in the ALDS, with the Yankees and Red Sox winning their respective series. On the NL side of things, the Dodgers will beat the Brewers, a disappointing ending to their fantastic season. The Nationals will beat the Cubs to finally advance past the NLDS.

For the first time since 2004, the Red Sox will face the Yankees in the ALCS. After an epic six-game series, our beloved Sox will prevail. The Dodgers, meanwhile, have no time to deal with the Cubs' nonsense, as L.A. will complete a four-game sweep of the former Lovable Losers. Which brings us to the Red Sox and Dodgers in the World Series. It certainly wasn't easy for the Red Sox, but they managed to beat the Dodgers in six games, effectively completing their plan for world dominance.


Is any of this likely to happen? Nope. I mean, it technically could happen. Still, it's extremely unlikely. But regardless of how likely it is that any of this happens, it's still fun to dream of the Red Sox taking over the world.