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MLB Roundup 2/7: More tension between league and players

I’m so tired

St Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

More Labor Tension. WHEEEEEE

Another day in this historically quiet offseason has passed, and there is yet another bit of tension in the air. I’m going to level with you, even as someone who is fairly clearly leaning towards one side of the issue, I’m just so tired of this. I want my baseball back, dammit. Anyway, Tuesday saw some sniping back and forth between the Union and the League, then between Boras and the league. You ready? OK. First, Tony Clark (the head of the Players Union) released this statement. Then, the league came back with a statement of their own that included the laughable line that ownership only owns teams to win. Then, Scott Boras got involved by pointing out that the league shouldn’t be talking about players’ offers in official statements. Finally, MLB official Dan Halem came back with whatever the hell this is. I just....this offseason is hell. We are in hell, and there is no Ted Danson to save us.

  • The Rangers signed former Cardinals closer Seung-hwan Oh. Texas is kind of a sneaky exciting team in an American League West that I think could be pretty entertaining, and Oh could be a very good signing. He was utterly dominant in 2016 but then was utterly mortal in 2017. He’s now 35 years old so success is no guarantee, but this could be a great signing for the Rangers bullpen.
  • Twins starter Ervin Santana underwent surgery on his finger and is set to miss the next 10-12 weeks. In other words, he’s probably going to miss about a month of the year, and that’s without any setbacks. Minnesota already needed rotation help. Now they super need it.