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Celebrate the J.D. Martinez signing with a new shirt from BreakingT

Just Dingers

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In case you somehow missed it, the Red Sox finally signed J.D. Martinez on Monday putting an end to all of the speculation from the winter. Not only do we no longer have to deal with conflicting rumors about his negotiations and argue about the merits of Scott Boras, but we also get to watch one of the very best hitters in baseball hit in the middle of the Red Sox lineup. This is a team that, while filled with good hitters, was lacking that true star slugger. Now, they have him in Martinez. To commemorate this occasion, our friends over at BreakingT have a brand new shirt. I might be a little biased but I promise I’m not just saying this. It is a rad as hell shirt. You can impress all of your local youths with your stylish wardrobe. Oh, and it’s super comfortable, too, if that’s more your thing.

These shirts just hit the press (is that what shirts are made on? Is it like a printing press? Probably not, but we’ll roll with it) and you can grab one for under $30 by following this link. Also, BreakingT has done a few shirts with us and other teams around the Boston sports scene, and you can check out their entire Boston selection here.

J.D. Martinez is on the Red Sox, and it’s just so awesome.