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MLB Roundup 2/17: Tony Watson signs with the Giants

A potential Red Sox target is off the board

MLB: World Series-Houston Astros at Los Angeles Dodgers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Watson signs with the Giants

There is some difference of opinion between Red Sox fans, and between the team and a section of the fanbase, about how much help the team could use with their left-handed reliever depth. Personally, I’m of the belief that they should try to bolster their group, but they’ve let the viable free agents fly off the board and arguably the most attractive option of the winter signed with San Francisco late Friday night. According to Jon Heyman, the Giants have signed Watson to a multi-year deal. The southpaw isn’t a dominant force by any means, but he’s been consistently above-average for his entire career outside of the first half of last season. The Giants, meanwhile, are in a weird spot of trying to come back from a horrendous 2017 with no real option to rebuild. As a response, they are apparently trying to rebuild the Pirates of a few years ago. As for the Red Sox, well, it seems as if Robby Scott is going to be their primary lefty in 2018.

  • The Twins are right on the edge of legitimate contention and one would think they’d be pushing for at least mid-tier pitching to help put them over the top. Instead, they signed Anibal Sanchez. That, uh, may not work out for them. It’s unfathomable that they haven’t yet signed at least Alex Cobb or Lance Lynn, but hey, it’s good for the Red Sox.
  • The Mets, meanwhile, have signed Jason Vargas. Vargas was good in 2017 and this is a solid enough signing, though there’s not much upside and plenty of downside. Still, better than Sanchez.
  • The Red Sox were among the teams at Tim Lincecum’s workout, and he reportedly looked good there. He was throwing in the low-90s and topped out at 93. Scouts believe he’ll definitely get a shot somewhere, and perhaps has a chance to pitch out of a major-league bullpen at some point. I’d be surprised if he ended up with the Red Sox given all of their right-handed depth, but hey, crazier things have happened.
  • Miami-Dade county is suing Jeffrey Loria as they try to recoup some funds from the sale of the team. This was definitely expected, but it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. Something tells me this could get ugly.