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Celebrate the possible return of bullpen carts with BreakingT’s new design!

It’s a pretty rad shirt

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While many of us have bemoaned the new pace-of-play initiatives that are being discussed between Rob Manfred and the MLB Players Association, there has been one great bit of news to come out of this: The possible return of bullpen carts. If you’re my age you don’t remember these actually being a thing, but you probably have seen videos and pictures of these in action back in the day. It’s absolutely ridiculous that these were actually a thing that existed, and absolutely ridiculous that these are no longer a thing that exist. Do I think bringing these back will do literally anything to help the pace of play in baseball? God no. Do I care at all? God no. Bring these ridiculous things back.

Of course, if they do come back the player we’ll all be most excited to see sitting shotgun in these carts will be Craig Kimbrel. To celebrate the possibility of this happening, we’ve partnered with our friends over at Breaking T to put together a groovy (get it? A word from when bullpen carts were a thing. Do you get it?) t shirt commemorating the idea. I had almost nothing to do with the final design, so you know it’s going to be good. Check it out.

Look at that thing! I want to steal the real-life version and drive it around Portland. When (not if) you decide to buy one, head over to this link and grab one for $25. Then grab one for every member of your family and support me. I mean, I don’t have any kids or even pets or anything, but I’m still a person. Ya know?

Also, you may remember our Sale Day shirts from last summer. Those were dope too, and there are still a few left in stock there going for $15 a pop on a special deal. Go ahead and buy a handful of those as well. Snag ‘em here.