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Red Sox spring training 2018 TV Schedule

There’s going to be an awful lot of spring training baseball on TV this year.

2018 Boston Red Sox Spring Training Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Spring Training workouts are officially underway today for the Red Sox after pitchers and catchers officially reported to camp yesterday. Of course, if you follow social media at all you know that the majority of players — pitchers, catchers and other position players — are already down in Fort Myers getting some work in. Spring training is largely boring, if we’re being honest with ourselves, but it does mean that we will be able to watch some baseball again soon enough. The stars won’t play much, of course, but hey, baseball is baseball. I’ll take what I can get.

The games get underway a week from Thursday on the 22nd with the annual double-header against Northeastern and Boston College. Those games will both be televised by NESN as part of an expanded coverage plan by the network this spring. Some of that expansion is due to a new partnership with Channel 25 in Boston who will be broadcasting some games themselves this spring. If you’re like me and not in the immediate Boston area, don’t get too worried as NESN is going to carry those games as well for anyone in New England who is not in the Boston television area. In addition to the 20 games that will be carried by NESN/Channel 25, ESPN and MLB Network will also carry a few games towards the end of camp. Below is a full list of the televised games for the Red Sox this spring along with the network on which you can watch them. All times are ET.

  • 2/22: 1:00 PM vs. Northeastern, NESN/Channel 25
  • 2/22: 6:00 PM vs. Boston College, NESN/Channel 25
  • 2/24: 1:00 PM vs. Tampa Bay, NESN
  • 2/25: 1:00 PM vs. Baltimore, NESN
  • 2/27: 6:00 PM vs. Minnesota, NESN+
  • 3/1: 1:00 PM vs. Houston, NESN/Channel 25
  • 3/2: 1:00 PM vs St. Louis, MLB Network
  • 3/3: 1:00 PM vs. New York Yankees, NESN
  • 3/4: 1:00 PM vs. Baltimore, NESN
  • 3/7: 1:00 PM vs. Philadelphia, MLB Network
  • 3/8: 1:00 PM vs. Tampa Bay, NESN/Channel 25
  • 3/10: 1:00 PM vs. Minnesota, NESN+
  • 3/11: 1:00 PM vs. Baltimore, NESN
  • 3/15: 1:00 PM vs. Toronto, NESN/Channel 25
  • 3/16: 6:00 PM vs. Minnesota, NESN
  • 3/17: 1:00 PM vs. Tampa Bay, NESN
  • 3/18: 1:00 PM vs. Pittsburgh, NESN
  • 3/22: 1:00 PM vs. Baltimore, NESN/Channel 25
  • 3/23: 1:00 PM vs. New York Yankees, ESPN
  • 3/24: 1:00 PM vs. Houston, NESN
  • 3/25: 1:00 PM vs. Minnesota, NESN
  • 3/26: 6:00 PM vs. Chicago Cubs, NESN/ESPN (Also my birthday. I’ll be expecting a gift.)
  • 3/27: 1:00 PM vs. Chicago Cubs, NESN/ESPN

We’re almost there!