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MLB Roundup 2/12: The Rays may make another move

The Rays are still cutting payroll

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Rays may not be done trading

Tampa Bay is not expected to be much of a threat to the Red Sox and Yankees in the American League East, although, for what it’s worth, PECOTA projects them to win 84 games and finish three games behind Boston. The Rays are also going to look a bit different in 2018, largely due to the fact that they trade longtime face of the franchise Evan Longoria. That may not be the last move they make, either. There have been a few rumors over the weekend about possible trades involving their pitchers. The Twins have apparently reached out about Chris Archer, and while this is pure speculation one could see them getting more aggressive now that Yu Darvish is off the board. Minnesota, a solid wildcard contender who should be Going For It, needed a starter all year and that became more apparent after Ervin Santana went down with an injury. Elsewhere, many teams are reportedly interested in Jake Odorizzi, who is obviously less talented than Archer but will also cost much less in a trade. The Twins, Yankees and Orioles are among a long list of teams looking into a potential Odorizzi trade.

  • Zack Wheeler has been injecting bone growth drugs into his stomach on a daily basis this winter in an attempt to stay healthy this year. There is no connection to the Red Sox here, but I felt that everyone here needed to hear about this. What a time to be alive.