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Celebrate Nathan Eovaldi’s return in style

Nasty Nate is back, and that’s reason to celebrate

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Nathan Eovaldi, as you surely know by now, is coming back to Boston. The righty has agreed to a four-year deal worth $68 million and the plan is for him to be a fixture of the team’s rotation for the foreseeable future. Everyone here is obviously very excited about this. It would be good enough if he was just a good pitcher being added to the rotation. Good players are fun to have! It’s always a reason to celebrate when the Red Sox make a big addition like this to the roster.

For Eovaldi, though, we know it’s even more than that. The righty, who the team acquired from Tampa Bay in a July trade that sent Jalen Beeks back to the Rays, was a postseason hero. That might not even do it justice. Eovaldi was an absolute monster all October, throwing big time starts and then turning around and pitching some of the biggest late-inning situations and locking it down every time. Oddly enough, his biggest moment actually came in a losing effort when he tossed six incredible innings in relief in Game Three of the World Series.

Because of all of this, Eovaldi has joined Boston sports folklore and is a legend in this town for the rest of time. There’s more than enough reason to celebrate his return to Boston, and our friends at BreakingT have helped us do it in style. Their latest shirt marks the occasion of Nasty Nate coming back to the Red Sox.

You know the spiel by now. I swear by the comfort of these shirts, and obviously the design is awesome. So, come grab one now by following this link.