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Daily Red Sox Links: Nathan Eovaldi, Craig Kimbrel, J.D. Martinez

In today’s links, we’re still laser-focused on Nathan Eovaldi, but what about Craig Kimbrel? Plus David Ortiz gives props to J.D. Martinez and we are puzzled by why MLB might ban the shift.

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MLB: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Nathan Eovaldi is one of the most-talked about free agents this side of Manny Machado and Bryce Harper despite the fact that he has a history of Tommy John surgery. That shouldn’t be an issue. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

The entire AL East could be decided by who gets Eovaldi, according to a former MLB third baseman. (Mark W. Sanchez; New York Post)

If they get Eovaldi, can the Red Sox also sign Craig Kimbrel? (Ian Browne;

David Ortiz knows about being a designated hitter not getting enough respect and that gives him an interesting perspective on J.D. Martinez. (Rob Bradford; WEEI)

The Winter Meetings are imminent. Here’s hoping for a ton of transactions. Or at least 10. (Jim Bowden; The Athletic) ($$)

MLB may want to ban the shift. Who is that for? (Jeff Sullivan; FanGraphs)