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Talks between Red Sox and Nathan Eovaldi reportedly “intensifying”

The boys are considering coming back to town

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox - Game One Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Based on just about every report and report of chatter and just general chatter around this team, the top item on the Red Sox to-do list at the moment is to get Nathan Eovaldi back in a Red Sox uniform. Boston needs one more starter to fill out their rotation, and while there are a few solid options a little further down the market, there isn’t another Eovaldi. It’s clear that Dave Dombrowski largely just wants to bring the 2018 roster back for another go-around, and who can blame him.

Well, it appears they are closing in on checking off another box towards this goal. According to Robert Murray of The Athletic, talks between Boston and the postseason hero are “intensifying”

Insert It’sHappening.gif here. Jon Heyman then came in to confirm the report and add a speculative contract along with it.

Obviously, these are still reports and there is certainly more work that needs to be done for this deal to be signed. If there wasn’t, well, the deal would be signed! That being said, it sure sounds like things are close and that Dombrowski has eyes on getting it done. We know by now that when Dombrowski wants a deal done, he gets it done. It’s fair to wonder about the contract both in terms of years and money and wonder if it’s an overpay. It’s also fair to wonder if it really matters. We’ll do all that if/when the deal is actually done. For now, let’s just bask in the sweet light that is offseason rumors.