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The ultimate Red Sox-themed holiday gift guide

Do you hate holiday shopping as much as I do? Hopefully, this can help.

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Green Bay Packers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

This is probably my favorite time of year if you take away the fact that, ya know, there’s no baseball going on. The snow and misery of winter hasn’t really hit us yet, people are generally cheerful, houses all around the block are decked out, the movies and TV specials are great. The music is awful — hot take alert! — but everything else about the holidays is great. Well, except maybe for the shopping. Some of the shopping can be a great time trying to find the perfect gift for that person or people in your life, but then there’s always one or two where you just get totally stumped.

Well, I’m here to help you this year. Because you are a very cool person with very cool people in your life, surely there are plenty of loved ones who would be thrilled to have some Red Sox-themed gifts this holiday season just a couple months removed from Boston winning the World Series. Below I have listed just a few of my favorite Red Sox-themed gifts so you can find something perfect for that hard-to-shop-for person without having to leave your couch.

Boston Red Sox 2018 World Series Champions DVD & Blu-Ray Set

The best gift you can always buy someone is something that you’ll also enjoy, right? Well, what’s more enjoyable than buying a loved one the championship DVD?

Boston Red Sox 2018 World Series Champions Commemorative Book

Maybe you’re more of a book family than a movie one? Maybe you need both — who doesn’t? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect nighttime book for your kid? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Nasty Nate T-Shirt

Nathan Eovaldi is back with the Red Sox, and our friends at BreakingT were quick to get us the shirt to help celebrate.

Boston Red Sox Majestic Women’s 2018 World Series Champs Locker Room V-Neck T-Shirt

The lady in your life, whether it be your wife, mother, sister, friend or significant other, is looking for more ways to brag about her Red Sox fandom. This is the right start.

Boston Red Sox Antigua Tempo Half-Zip Pullover Jacket

Going out to eat or anywhere that should be a little cold but not overly freezing? Lucky enough to live somewhere that should see temperatures above 30 degrees in the foreseeable future? Getting ready for an early golf season? This pullover is just what’ll be needed for the occasion.

JBJesus Shirt

Jackie Bradley Jr. turned it on in the second half and came through with clutch hit after clutch hit through the postseason. Everyone has a JBJ-lover in their life, and here’s the perfect gift for that individual.

Boston Red Sox Highland Mint 2018 World Series Champions 12’’ x 20’’ Celebration Signature Field Panoramic

Every time you go to your friend’s place there’s just that weird emptiness on the walls, right? Well, you don’t have to buy them an entire collection of art but you can get it started with this.

Start Spreading the News T-Shirt

For your buddy who lives down in New York right in the middle of enemy territory, you can help them remind Yankee fans how this season went with this shirt commemorating the first-round victory.

Boston Red Sox Sculpted Relief Mug, 14-ounce

Coffee mugs are a classic holiday gift for a reason. Most everyone starts their day off with a cup of coffee, and those who don’t could always use a nice cup of hot cocoa this time of year. Make sure their drinking in style.

Boston Champs T-Shirt

Doesn’t get more self-explanatory than this. Help that special someone brag to the world about their favorite baseball team.

Unisex MLB 2016 on Field Sport Knit Beanie

The bad news about living in New England — or anywhere up north — this time of year is the cold weather. One nice little side effect, however, is that winter hats are almost always dope, much like this one.

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