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FanPost Friday - Offseason Predictions

Washington Nationals v Colorado Rockies
I hear Scott Boras is saying Harper could play first base...
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

If you are reading this, and thinking Pick 5... I’m sorry to say, but if you haven’t participated, you missed the boat on that one.

The good news is, we have plenty of fun things coming in the pipeline in the next few months for you to participate in, and one of them is getting to share our offseason predictions, no matter how rational or absurd they may be.

To help push you along, here are a few questions you can answer. You can answer only one in detail, or you can answer all of them in detail. The idea is just to get the ball rolling.

  1. What team needs to be the most aggressive in free agency and on the trade market this offseason and why?
  2. What team should really keep all their chips at home for now, and focus more on making smaller moves?
  3. What teams are going to walk away from this offseason with stud prizes like Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Patrick Corbin?
  4. What teams are going to take talent away from the Red Sox?
  5. What trade targets would you like to go after?
  6. Where do you think Yusei Kikuchi is going to land, and what do you think of his future major league prospects?
  7. What teams do you think are going to be a surprise bidder in the offseason?

Additionally, if something wasn’t covered here, feel free to run wild with it!