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MLB Roundup 11/21: David Price wins Comeback Player of the Year

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And Adrian Beltre retires

World Series - Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Five Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

David Price and Jonny Venters wins Comeback Players of the Year

Comeback player of the year is an award that I forget exists every year until it was awarded, which this year means I forgot it existed until Tuesday. Yesterday each league awarded their own Comeback Players of the Year and the Red Sox had the American League winner. That was David Price, who was fantastic this season and particularly in the second-half of the postseason run. He is certainly deserving of any accolade anyone wants to hand to him. That being said, Evan Drellich had a good point on the ol’ Twitter machine yesterday. He said he thought Brock Holt deserved some consideration, and I agree. Like Evan, I was not sure Holt was ever going to be the same and it wouldn’t have surprised me if he was off the roster completely by the end of the year. Instead he was a key part of the best team in recent memory. Price does deserve it, but Holt deserves some love too.

In the National League, Jonny Venters got the nod. Venters is a tremendous story and really had an argument to win the award in both leagues. After starting the year in Tampa Bay he split his season between the two leagues pretty much evenly after a trade to Atlanta, and he was good in both leagues. Venters hadn’t pitched in the majors since 2012 (!!) before this season. Over his career he’s undergone three Tommy John surgeries and one other reconstructive surgery. It’s absolutely amazing he’s still throwing baseballs, never mind at a high level in the majors.

Adrian Beltre officially announces his retirement

This doesn’t come as a major surprise, but it is still a major bummer. Adrian Beltre announced on Tuesday that his 21-year major-league career was coming to a close. This is a sad day for baseball fans across the league as Beltre was just about everyone’s favorite player to watch. He, of course, spent the 2010 season in Boston and was absolutely electric, turning his departure into one of the great what-ifs in Boston sports history. For him, leaving has worked out tremendously well. Beltre ended up spending eight great years in Texas and turning his career into a good one into a Hall of Fame one. He’s a shoo-in to make Cooperstown when he’s eligible as one of the best third basemen we’ve ever seen. We’ll miss you, Adrian.

A couple of big trade rumors

We are officially in trade rumor territory, folks! A couple of interesting rumors popped up on Tuesday, one of which I buy the other not so much. The first comes from Ken Rosenthal as he outlines a potential big deal between Seattle in San Diego. In the deal, the Padres would reportedly send Wil Myers to the Mariners in exchange for Jean Segura and Mike Leake. This seems like a great deal for the Padres in my mind, as Segura is one of the more underrated players in the game and Leake is...fine. Myers, meanwhile, is not that great and mostly blocked by Eric Hosmer. The only issue for San Diego is that they have Fernando Tatis Jr., who not only makes us all feel tremendously ancient but also is a top shortstop prospect. Blocking him may not be ideal, but too much talent at one position is never a bad thing. It doesn’t seem this deal is particularly close, but it’s worth monitoring.

Also, from Jon Morosi, the Diamondbacks and Twins have discussed a Paul Goldschmidt deal. This would be a shocking move for the Twins, particularly since Goldschmidt is a free agent after this season and they don’t seem like a team to acquire a player only for 2019. More than the rumor itself, this tells me Arizona is serious about dealing Goldschmidt. Putting aside that they shouldn’t be giving up on their window just yet, I’m terrified he’s going to end up with the Yankees. It just seems too perfect not to happen.