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MLB Roundup 11/19: Nathan Eovaldi is drawing a whole lot of interest

Not great news, but not overly surprising.

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox - Game One Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Everybody loves Nathan Eovaldi

Starting pitchers, particularly ones with some upside to be more than a four or five starter, are always the biggest commodities on the free agent market. Nathan Eovaldi was always going to be interesting, though October obviously changed things quite significantly for the righty. Heading into the postseason, I suspect Eovaldi was looking like an intriguing, but hardly special free agent target. He likely would have gotten a multi-year deal worth double-digit millions per year, but I don’t know that his market would have been particularly noteworthy. Well, he put on a show in the postseason and apparently other teams took notice. According to Rob Bradford of WEEI, “everybody and their mother” are showing interest in the righty. Nick Cafardo had come out with a report a bit earlier than that specifically pointing to the Red Sox, Brewers, Angels, Phillies, Braves, Blue Jays, Padres, White Sox and Giants as teams with interest. Bradford says you can add more teams to that list.

As a Red Sox fan, this is obviously not great news as all of these teams interested in one player will only drive the price up. The Red Sox can still afford it if they are motivated enough, but there is surely a limit to their interest on just about any player this free agent market. As someone who wants the best for Eovaldi after what he did this postseason, however, this is great. I was worried his massive workload this October along with his injury history would dampen his market, but that does not appear to be close to the case. He deserves every bit of interest he gets, and whatever he’ll end up getting for a contract. Just don’t be with the Yankees.