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Thoughts on Minor League Ball’s Red Sox top prospect list

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I agree with it, so it must be good!

Michael Chavis
Kelly O’Connor;

With the offseason comes prospect list season, which gives us an opportunity to look forward. That certainly isn’t as exciting for Red Sox fans right now as it was even just a few years ago, but ya know, the World Series eases that pain I’d say. Plus, I think the depth in this system is better than some give it credit for, though A) I’m a little biased and B) the top-level talent is undoubtedly lacking. Anyway, the latest site to release their Red Sox list was our sister site, Minor League Ball. You can check that out here. This is how they ranked the top twenty.

  1. Michael Chavis, 3B/1B
  2. Bobby Dalbec, 3B
  3. Triston Casas, 1B/3B
  4. Darwinzon Hernandez, LHP
  5. Bryan Mata, RHP
  6. Tanner Houck, RHP
  7. Jason Groome, LHP
  8. Mike Shawaryn, RHP
  9. C.J. Chatham, SS
  10. Antoni Flores, SS
  11. Durbin Feltman, RHP
  12. Nick Decker, OF
  13. Denyi Reyes, RHP
  14. Jarren Duran, OF
  15. Josh Ockimey, 1B
  16. Brandon Howlett, 3B
  17. Travis Lakins, RHP
  18. Bobby Poyner, LHP
  19. Jhonathan Diaz, LHP
  20. Kutter Crawford, RHP

I highly encourage you to not just look at these rankings and actually click the link above. John Sickels provides not only straight rankings, but grades so you can see how these guys tier out as well as information. Plus, he goes deep beyond the top twenty as well. Once you’re done with that, come back here for just a few thoughts from yours truly.

  • We’ll start at the top, and I think the top seven of this crop of Red Sox prospects is really interesting. This is essentially how I would have it ranked as well, with just a couple of minor tweaks. What’s most interesting to me about this group is where people rank Groome, and I think Sickels is dead on having him last. I understand the upside and his career is certainly not dead, but by the time he returns for a full season in 2020 he’ll be 21 and almost four years removed from being drafted. I’m just not sure how you can rank him above any of the top six.
  • Speaking of those minor tweaks, I would simply flip a couple of these rankings in the middle. For one thing, I’d have Hernandez above Casas, particularly after Hernandez has dominated the Arizona Fall League. I’m still holding out some hope the lefty can stay in the rotation, but even if he can’t there is real potential for a back-end arm here. He could even contribute to some degree later in 2019. I’m a big fan of Casas’ potential, but I’ll take the more known quantity at this point. I’d also flip Mata and Houck, though I’ve talked about this before and think it’s close enough either way that they are essentially tied.
  • A little further down the list things get muddled. After that top seven or so you can really list the next 10-15 names in any order you want and there’s a valid argument. Obviously everyone has their own preferences, and I’m no exception. For one thing, I’m still the low guy on Chatham. This is certainly liable to change next year when he’s (presumably) in Portland and I get to watch him regularly. I’m just not sure the upside is there for this high of a ranking, particularly since he hasn’t played above High-A as a player about to turn 24.
  • Denyi Reyes at 13 is certainly a surprise. Most scouts aren’t all that enamored with the righty, but it’s really hard to argue with the season he just put up. If he can come close to repeating that, John is going to look very, very smart at this point next year.
  • Shoutout Jarren Duran.
  • As far as guys who missed the list, I’d probably replace Poyner and Diaz with Danny Diaz and Nicholas Northcut.