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Alex Cora and Red Sox agree to new contract

A well-deserved extension and (presumably) raise

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Alex Cora had a somewhat disappointing day on Tuesday — his first one of those in a baseball sense in a very long time — when he finished second behind Bob Melvin in the American League Manager of the Year voting. It wasn’t a major injustice or anything like that in this writer’s opinion, but it still wasn’t the ideal result from our perspective. Either way, the down times didn’t last long for Cora. Just one day after he lost out on the award, Alex Cora has signed a new contract with the Red Sox.

As the team’s announcement says, there is an extension worked into these new terms. Cora’s original deal ended after the 2020 season with a team option for the 2021 season. Now, those are obviously each one year later. It’s not a huge extension, but it’s something. Also, there is presumably a fairly significant financial bump in the terms. We don’t always get exact terms for managers like we do with players, though as Jen McCaffrey pointed out on Twitter we did learn all 30 managers’ salaries this past summer. Cora was among the lowest-paid on that list, which is unsurprisingly given it was his first year on the job. I’d have to imagine he’s much higher on the list now.

There’s really not much else to say here. This is obviously a very well-deserved new contract, and the Red Sox will do whatever they can to make sure Cora is leading their team for as long as possible. Dave Dombrowski released a statement about his manager.

Cora himself also released a statement.