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Top moments of the Red Sox parade

It looked like a good time

Boston Red Sox Victory Parade Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The Red Sox finished the last step of their championship celebration: Rolling through the streets of Boston on the duck boats. I wasn’t able to get down to the city for this one, but was able to follow along from work because social media is wild. Unsurprisingly, all of the players were all over Twitter and Instagram all day, and the team Twitter account — which became very good this season — was keeping tabs on everything throughout the day. It’s not the same as being there, but you were still able to get the gist of what was going on, and that’s without even mentioning the live streams on NESN and MLB Network. So, here’s a quick rundown of some of the top moments from the parade.

David Price is staying

Maybe the best moment of the parade happened before things even really got underway, when David Price announced he was staying in Boston for the final four years of his contract. It wasn’t a major surprise, but it’s amazing how quickly things can turn around with a little winning. If you had told people even three weeks ago that the entire city of Boston would celebrate Price’s return, you’d be shocked. But, that’s the case. And it’s pretty clear he wants to win again. I’m here for it.

The Alex Cora Quote

If you haven’t seen it yet, how? Cora had some words at the start of the rally and, well, they are making waves around the interwebs.

This was fantastic, and would be in just about any context. I’m here for maximum pettiness at all times. This is supposed to be fun, and petty is fun. That being said, this quote is being run by just about every major sports outlet and it’s being misconstrued by most of them. This was not a shot at the Yankees and he was not telling the Yankees to “suck on it.” This was directed at the hysterical media declaring the sky was falling after their Game 2 loss in the ALDS. Though, and I would to be clear about it, if he was indeed taking a shot at the Yankees I would not hate that either. They won the World Series, let’s get Tom Petty up in here.

This Picture

This is the greatest picture of all time.

The kids take over

The true stars of the parade were all of the Red Sox players’ children who were on hand for the celebration. I didn’t see anything from Emerson Bradley, who was the star of the postgame celebration on Sunday, but a couple other kids were prominent on Wednesday. Griff Holt, for example, is a future star in one way or another.

And then there’s Xavier Price, who continues to share his father’s disdain for microphones and the media in general.

Price and Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi needs to be back next year, if for no other reason that I just don’t feel right about potentially breaking up the David Price/Nathan Eovaldi relationship.

I should also mention the one lowlight of the day with all of the beer-throwing. Mookie Betts, Alex Cora and the trophy itself were all nailed by flying beers. Guys, if you go to something like this, drink the beer don’t throw it. Stop being weird.