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I went to the Red Sox rolling rally and it was awesome

Duck Boats taking to the street in victory!

Red Sox manager Alex Cora and his staff
Red Sox manager Alex Cora and his staff
Mike Carlucci

Boston sports teams have been on an amazing since the Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2002. There have been 11 parades across 16 years for the Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox. But this is just my second. My first was the 2004 World Series parade - the one that kicked off the rolling rally phenomenon. I was in college and showed up in the wee hours of the morning to see David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Mark Bellhorn, Dave Roberts, and many, many more travel the streets of Boston in duck boats.

After entering the working world, and not in the city, I made excuses. But this year I felt the need to go. 108 wins. topping the Yankees and the Astros and the Dodgers. The parade would pass within blocks of my office. And while you can’t ever go back to childhood or college or any other moment of nostalgia, a championship parade might come close. Unlike a game at Fenway - no matter how well the Red Sox are doing - the crowd is always as excited as possible. Joyous. Exuberant.

But if you missed the parade, the celebration of #DamageDone, I hope I can share some of the flavor of today.

David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez aren’t on the roster but they’re still Red Sox for life.

No parade is complete without Pedro and Papi!
No parade is complete without Pedro and Papi!
Mike Carlucci

Bring on some Dropkick Murphys! What would a Red Sox parade be without Tessie or Shipping up to Boston or Dirty Water? These are our anthems!

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Shipping up to World Series!

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The Red Sox Foundation knows what’s up. M-V-P. M-V-P.

Mike Carlucci

Of course, none of this would have been possible without all the people working behind the scenes at Fenway Park. To everyone in Baseball Operations and the Front Office: thank you! A generation of Red Sox fans can grow up without the baggage of a curse.

How about that starting rotation? Chris Sale coming off recording the final three outs of the 2018 season. Rick Porcello, who can pitch in any inning Alex Cora wants him to.

RemDog! Great to see him healthy on the parade path. We’re rooting for you, Jerry!

Brock Holt! \o/ is handed a fresh sign by a fan. He does it all!

Wave that flag, J.D. You’ve earned it.

Extra-innings hero Nathan Eovaldi! David Price, World Series workhorse!

This isn’t a complete chronicle of the players or the parade but because Mookie Betts was on the other side of the boat as it passed, here’s a picture from the Globe. Mookie wears glasses?!?! We can’t leave out the MVP.

My parting thoughts: the next time you’re considering going to a championship parade, do it.