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Red Sox at Yankees lineup: The wild card and the ace

Nathan Eovaldi has dominated the Yankees this year and been mixed against other teams. Luis Severino has been mixed against Boston this year but thrived against the rest of the league. We have no idea what’s gonna happen tonight.

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
It’s time, pal.
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

The Red Sox, fresh off the David Price-fueled nightmare that was Game 2, look to get back on their feet against the occasionally electric Luis Severino (19-8, 3.39 ERA) in Yankee Stadium (7:40 p.m., EBS).

About Game 3: Nathan Eovaldi (6-7, 3.81 ERA) starts for the Sox, and he presents the flip-side to the Price problem: He’s great against New York and average-to-above average against the rest of the league. His 1.93 ERA against the Bombers was literally nine times better than Price’s before Saturday’s carnage. His 3.38 ERA at Yankee Stadium is a little worse, but at this point the Sox would certainly take it. It’s by far the biggest assignment for a Red Sox starter this season so far, and here’s hoping Eovaldi can keep it up.

On the Yankees side, Severino was a down-low-to-respectable Cy Young Award candidate this year, even if he falls short of Blake Snell, Justin Verlander and Chris Sale for No. 1 contender. His 3.39 ERA is eerily close to Eovaldi’s mark against the Yanks, and Sevy’s 3.58 ERA is good, and better still for New York is that the games Boston got to him were in Fenway Park. That’s a silver lining to the fact Boston did get to him, though, and maybe the memory of those games can wake up the bats.

The lineup has some quirks in it: Steve Pearce is in against the righty over Mitch Moreland, and Brock Holt is in place of Ian Kinsler at second base. Christian Vázquez is behind the plate over Blake Swihart, which, with Yankee Stadium’s short porch in right, is... something. Maybe not too surprising, and if Eovaldi has a good game it’s worth it, but from an offensive standpoint, wolf.

About Game 2: Price’s waking nightmare, as he didn’t escape the second inning, and the Sox lost, 6-2.

Forecast: 66 degrees and cool at game time. Perfect October baseball weather.

Today’s reading: Here’s Matt Collins on how the Sox should approach Severino. To quote him, I suggest calling the “score runs play.”

A good tweet:


Game 3 at Yankees

Lineup spot Red Sox Yankees
Lineup spot Red Sox Yankees
1 Mooke Betts, RF Andrew McCutchen, LF
2 Andrew Benintendi. LF Aaron Judge, RF
3 J.D. Martinez, DH Luke Voit, 1B
4 Xander Bogaerts, SS Giancarlo Stanton, DH
5 Rafael Devers, 3B Didi Gregorius, SS
6 Steve Pearce, 1B Gary Sánchez, C
7 Brock Holt, 2B Miguel Andújar, 3B
8 Christian Vázquez, C Gleyber Torres, 2B
9 Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Brett Gardner, CF
SP Nathan Eovaldi, RHP Luis Severino, RHP