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Two more World Series shirts

BreakingT brings us a pair of new championship tees

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What a difference a year makes, eh? Or, should I say, what a difference a few weeks makes? David Price has spent most of his Red Sox career on the wrong side of the fan base and the media, and the first three years of his seven-year deal were spent wondering what would have to happen for him to opt out. Anything to get his contract off the books. He had his moments in the regular season, of course, but he was still a bit inconsistent and he still seemed to come up short any time he had to pitch either against the Yankees or just generally on the postseason stage. He was being paid too much money for that to happen.

Then, this October happened. Things actually got off to a really poor start for the lefty, and it just seemed to be same old same old. Then, he looked fine — not great, but not terrible — in his first ALCS start. That was followed by an absolute gem to close out that series before he came out and (arguably) got robbed of the World Series MVP. Now, he actually might opt out (I’d be surprised, but it’s possible), and no one wants that to happen. Given what he just gave this team, I’d say he’s pretty much Priceless.

You can get yourself one of these Priceless shirts, courtesy of our friends at BreakingT, by following this link.

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