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Steve Pearce is the World Series MVP, and we have the shirt to prove it


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The morning of Game Five, before the Red Sox had won anything and we still had to wait for that final victory to seal things up, I wrote about who was making an impact on the Red Sox playoff run. Specifically, I wrote about the role players surprisingly and heroically picking up some poor performances from the stars on the roster. That’s why I’m not even a little upset about Steve Pearce winning the World Series MVP. I’ve said it in a few different locations, but objectively I think it should have gone to David Price if only one player could win it. From where I’m sitting, Price had the biggest impact on this series.

That being said, giving it to Pearce — the ultimate role player who is a career platoon bat brought in for a low-level prospect with the Blue Jays paying down some of his contract — is the most fitting way to honor what was an onslaught of unexpected production from the non-stars. Also, ya know, Pearce was a monster with big hit after big hit in L.A. That shouldn’t be ignored, and he won it on his own merits along with it being a grand statement on the team.

Anyway, Pearce is now a Red Sox legend for the rest of time, and our friends over at BreakingT are commemorating that fact with their latest shirt. By now, you’ve heard my spiel on how comfortable their shirts are and how you can help me buy things I want but probably don’t need, so I’ll just show you the shirt and you’ll see how cool it is.

You can buy this tee by following this link, and you can see BreakingT’s entire Boston collection with this link.

We got more on the way, too.