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Celebrate Boston’s postseason success with new “Air Benny” shirts

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The Red Sox are up 2-0 in the World Series, in case you were somehow unaware. In fact, if you were, let me just say it one more time. The Red Sox are up 2-0 in the World Series. It’s way, way too early to be talking about World Series MVP’s, but if we were to pick a most valuable player from the first two games of this series, Andrew Benintendi would at least be in the conversation. In Game One, he came up big on offense with a four-hit game and all four hits coming against a left-handed pitcher. Then, in Game Two, he drew a big walk and eventually scored on J.D. Martinez’ clutch two-RBI hit. He also did this in the field.

Air Benny indeed. That is the kind of catch that has the potential to become truly iconic if the Red Sox do indeed hold on to finish this series off and win a championship. Our friends over at BreakingT want to make sure you can get out ahead and get your hands on some Air Benny merch early. They’ve released their latest shirt to commemorate this catch.

Like all of their other shirts, the fabric is incredibly comfortable and they fits perfectly. Also, sneaky bonus here is getting that Orioles record front and center on the shirt. Good lord. Get yourself an Air Benny shirt here.